105 North Broad Street, Sullivan, IN 47882 Worship Times: Sundays at 8 and 10:30 a.m.

Our Vision

Our Vision for Sullivan First Christian Church is to be a frequent gathering of the disciples of Jesus Christ, coming together in an exciting, loving, and encouraging family reunion atmosphere. We are believers doing good for all people, especially for those who believe.  We see our worship services, fellowship and ministry life as uplifting in ways that bring glory to God.  Our church body strives to help family members find an intimate relationship with Christ, leading to acts of evangelism and benevolence.  Our reaching out to the world is based on Bible study, building of personal relationships, and equipping our brothers and sisters as modeled in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   And we focus on being the “family of God that prays together and stays together” in unity and in peace.  Welcome!


The church conducted a Church Health Survey during the fall and winter of 2012.  Results of the survey were reviewed with a consultant, and form the basis for a 5 Year Strategic Plan.  The six areas of church life utilized in the survey were:  Worship, Prayer, Ministry, Fellowship, Evangelism, and Discipleship.

  • Our vision of a healthy state of worship is …. We all show praise and thanksgiving, are biblically challenged and yet encouraged, leave gatherings motivated to live more Christ-like, and live in a manner by which others see Christ living through us.
  • Our vision of a healthy state of prayer is …. Every person has an active prayer life every day.
  • Our vision of a healthy state of ministry is …. Every person in the church has an active ministry to others.
  • Our vision of a healthy state of fellowship is …. We have a welcoming environment for everyone to share with other Christians.
  • Our vision of a healthy state of evangelism is …. Every member looks for opportunities to share Jesus.
  • Our vision of a healthy state of discipleship is …. Every members’ goal is to have thorough biblical knowledge and application to Christian world views

Read the entire document and download it here.