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Our church has a long history, beginning in 1835.  Joseph W. Wolfe, an elder and evangelist, helped to establish the church.  The first building, a frame structure, was built in 1840 and was located at the corner of Section and Wall Streets.

By 1866, the church had outgrown the building and a new brick structure was constructed at our current location, 105 N. Broad Street.  The church continued growing, with a new building in 1911.

Various changes and improvements have been made through the years, including a new sanctuary in 1965.

In 1990, the rest of the 1911 facility was demolished.  God continued blessing our faithful and growing congregation and we were able to replace the old facility with a new office complex, classrooms, restrooms, a kitchen and a fellowship hall.  Renovations of our sanctuary were completed in 2009.

In 1998, God placed a need on our hearts to reach out to the teens in our community and we added a youth center, The Gathering Place, in 2000, right across the street from our main building.

Over the last 175+ years, our congregation has been ministered to by over 40 senior ministers.  There were 27 ministers from 1835-1884, 14 from 1884-1926 and 6 from 1927 until today.

We are continually learning how to grow in our relationships with Christ, and connecting our church family to each other, our community, and to Christ.