Live Online Class
9:30am on Sundays

Have you ever felt like you were struggling spiritually? Have you ever felt like you were being attacked from a spiritual perspective? This series discusses the importance of recognizing the spiritual attack that you face as a Christian and teaches you how to overcome these attacks by putting on the strength of the Lord through the Armor of God. 

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Classes Currently Offered:
Proverbs – Taught by Myron Bartlett – Room A105
  • The book of Proverbs. A verse-by-verse study with handouts for an in-depth understanding of the scripture’s meaning.
Kingdom Commission – Taught by Stu Perkins – Room WC100
  • A breakdown of the Great Commission – using it to better pray for our leadership
Devotion – Taught by Gary Terrell – Room A104
  • A week-by-week devotional where people are encouraged to interact with the topic using discussion, reading, and questions
Sunday School Options for Children:
Children’s Sunday School – PreK/K thru 5th grade – Check-in at the Nursery Desk.
Middle School & High School – The Gathering Place
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