Classes Currently Offered:
Daniel – Taught by Myron Bartlett – Room A105
  • The book of Daniel. A verse-by-verse study with handouts for an in-depth understanding of the scripture’s meaning.
Kingdom Commission – Taught by Stu Perkins – Room WC100
  • A breakdown of the Great Commission – using it to better pray for our leadership.
Women’s Class – Taught by Glenda Watson – Room A102
  • A book-led study geared toward women. The women read a chapter a week and discuss what they read in class. 
Grassroots Apologetics for Parents (or Grandparents) – Taught by Jared & Darcy Newnum – Room A204 (Upstairs)
  •  An apologetics class that focuses on answering faith-based questions from kids. 
Journey Through the Bible – Taught by Paul Fathauer – Room A205 (Upstairs)
  • An overview of the people, places, events and themes throughout God’s redemptive story. Whether you are new to God’s Word of simply desire to be reminded of God’s faithfulness, join your fellow believers on this incredible adventure through the pages of scripture!
Sunday School Options for Children:
Children’s Sunday School – PreK/K thru 5th grade – Check-in at the Nursery Desk.
Middle School & High School – The Gathering Place
Map of First Christian Church
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