Classes Began Again on July 5th
Classes Offered:
Current Series – Taught by Tim Lueking – Room A103
  • A breakdown of the current sermon series more in-depth
Proverbs – Taught by Myron Bartlett – Room A105
  • The book of Proverbs. A verse-by-verse study with handouts for an in-depth understanding of the scripture’s meaning.
Kingdom Commission – Taught by Stu Perkins – Room WC100
  • A breakdown of the Great Commission – using it to better pray for our leadership
Genesis – Young Adult Class – Taught by Paul Fathauer – Room A205 (Upstairs)
  • A systematic study of the Bible for understanding the deep truths of God’s word; answering the questions of a skeptical world and deepening your faith that the Bible is God’s true revelation. We use the Bible, rational thought and even science to answer the questions of the culture.
Devotion – Taught by Gary Terrell – Room A104
  • A week-by-week devotional where people are encouraged to interact with the topic using discussion, reading, and questions.
Women of Easter (by Liz Higgs) – Taught by Glenda Watson – Room A102 
  • With unforgettable insights and powerful life application for today’s women, Liz digs into the biblical text to help us view Easter through the eyes of Mary of Bethany, who prepared the way before the cross; Mary, the mother of Jesus, who was addressed from the cross; and Mary Magdalene, who proclaimed Christ’s resurrection after the cross. 
Video Study – Taught by Jim Sparks – Room A204 
  • Jim Sparks uses video based studies. The classes start with videos that lead into discussion with the class. He uses popular, relevant studies that will challenge you. Each course lasts from 6-8 weeks. 
Sunday School Options for Children:
Children’s Sunday School – PreK/K thru 5th grade – Check-in at the Nursery Desk.
Middle School & High School – The Gathering Place
Map of First Christian Church
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