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9:30am on Sundays

Have you ever felt like you were struggling spiritually? Have you ever felt like you were being attacked from a spiritual perspective? This series discusses the importance of recognizing the spiritual attack that you face as a Christian and teaches you how to overcome these attacks by putting on the strength of the Lord through the Armor of God. 

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Classes Currently Offered:
The Red Sea Rules – Taught by Sue Unger – Starting January 31st @ 9:00am – Library 
  • This women’s study deals with 10 solutions from God’s Word that give us answers for the fear and feeling of hopelessness that so many people are experiencing right now. These “rules” apply  to our Church, our marriages, our families, and our Country. 
Proverbs – Taught by Myron Bartlett – Room A105
  • The book of Proverbs. A verse-by-verse study with handouts for an in-depth understanding of the scripture’s meaning.
Kingdom Commission – Taught by Stu Perkins – Room WC100
  • A breakdown of the Great Commission – using it to better pray for our leadership
Devotion – Taught by Gary Terrell – Room A104
  • A week-by-week devotional where people are encouraged to interact with the topic using discussion, reading, and questions
Sunday School Options for Children:
Children’s Sunday School – PreK/K thru 5th grade – Check-in at the Nursery Desk.
Middle School & High School – The Gathering Place
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